Salling & Co. Team members have been involved in the design and construction of numerous projects at various firms. Below is an abbreviated list of these projects.

In Progress at Salling & Co.

Bolton, Massachusetts - A new 15,000SF residence on an 18th-century dairy farm. 

Brattleboro, Vermont – renovations of a 2,400 SF Royal Barry Wills designed cape cottage. 

Sommersworth, New Hampshire – A 2,500 SF reconstruction of a family home on existing foundations.

Ben Salling with Peter Pennoyer Architects

New York, New York – Lead designer for the Benson at 1045 Madison Avenue -
Completed 2022. 

Palm Beach, Florida – Lead designer for a new residence on Miraflores Drive.
Completed 2023. 

Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts –Lead designer for renovations of a historic seaside estate and design of a new car barn, swimming pool, and tennis pavilion.
Completed 2019. 

East Hampton, New York – Lead designer for a new residence.
Completed 2019. 

Museum of the City of New York –Conceptualized and helped create 3D visualizations for Elegance in theSky – The Architecture of Rosario Candela
Completed 2019.

Ben Salling with Robert A.M. Stern Architects

30 Park Place, New York, New York –Collaborated on the planning and design of the residences, lobby, and amenities for the condominium portion of the new Four Seasons Downtown. Completed 2016. 

Moscow, Russia – Collaborated on the design of the residences and interiors for the lobby.
Completed 2016. 

Poughkeepsie, New York - Collaborated on the design for several projects at Marist College, including a major student center renovation, a new music school, and a new pedestrian tunnel and gates. rotunda  & Completed 2014.

New Haven, Connecticut – Collaborated on the design of the dining hall for the new Benjamin Franklin College and helped develop initial details for the facades of the new colleges. Completed 2017. 

Cambridge, Massachusetts –Collaborated on the initial design for significant renovations to the HarvardKennedy School and was a core team member for the presentation that secured the commission for the firm.
Completed 2017. 

Athens, Georgia – Collaborated on the design for the new Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.
Phase I completed 2015. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Collaborated on the design for the new Seidman College of Business
Completed 2013.

Ben Salling with Patrick Ahearn, Architect

Huron, Ohio – A new 10,000 SF residence, a guest house, party barn, and pool cabana.
Completed 2023. 

Oyster Harbors, Osterville, Massachusetts – Renovations and additions to a classic 1920s beach house, a new guest house, a car barn, and a pool house.
Completed 2023.

Falmouth, Maine – Renovations and additions to a 19th-century farmhouse and a new barn.
Completed 2023. 

Squam Lake, Center Harbor, NewHampshire – A new lake house and car barn.
Completion in 2024.  

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – A significant renovation and reworking of a 3,500 SF waterfront residence.
Completion in 2024. 

Oyster Harbors, Osterville, Massachusetts – A new swimming pool, cabana, and boat house. Completed 2021. 

Wellesley, Massachusetts – A new 3,500 SF residence.
Completed 2021. 

Chatham, Massachusetts – Renovations and additions to a cape cottage.
Completed 2022.

 Lawrence, New York – Design for a new17,000 SF residence.
In progress. 

D'Ann Tollett with Ferguson & Shamamian Architects

Bel Air, California - Renovations to a7,500 SF home, a new pool house, and a carriage house. 

834 Central Park West, New York, NewYork - Renovations to a 5,000 SF penthouse apartment. 

834 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York -Renovations to an 8,000 SF Rosario Candela-designed penthouse.

998 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York -Renovations to a 5,200 SF apartment. 

998 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York -Renovations to a 5,500 SF McKim, Mead, and White-designed apartment.

969 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York.- Renovations to a 3,200 SF apartment.

Fairfield, Connecticut - Design and construction of a 35-acre equestrian estate in Fairfield, CT.


We work closely with our clients and put our capabilities to fit their needs. Our work reflects a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality, creating spaces as beautiful as they are practical.

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